This Side Up - my life

I have been having massive mood swings recently it I’m even starting to scare my self I’ve had a spectrum of a feeling of total oblivion to petrified with fear.

Have you ever noticed all zombies have four letter names?
American Zombie

well if you have not seen it its pretty amazing, Jerome simpson is amazing

its not exactly a backflip but pretty good

Christmas haul

well i got a pretty good christmas haul: i got to go to boulder and see janell, mikke, quinn, erica, Jessica, logan, nick, barry, nico and many more. I also got a mac book air from my dad, some night-vision goggles, some new Exacto knives and some video games from alex

and that day not a gram of fuck was given

"but, you turned it into tits Maxi!"

My cats

My cats